Weekly Round-up (05 June ’16)

Here are some links to read while you wait for your free developer edition of SQL Server 2016 to download from Microsoft Dev Essentials.


24 Hours of PASS Sessions Available

“Lots of awesome sessions around SQL Server 2016 is now available from 24 hours of PASS.”

Using SQL Server 2016’s New Dynamic Data Masking

“Dynamic data masking essentially obscures sensitive data by masking it for non-privileged users. Dynamic Data Masking helps limit access to sensitive data with minimal impact on the application layer.”

SQL Server 2016 SSIS Data Flow Buffer Auto Sizing

“The focus of this blog is to introduce SSIS changes in the Data Flow task in SQL Server 2016 that help data loading into Columnstore tables.”

A beginners guide to Big Data terminology

“The first step to getting the most out of data science is understanding the most basic of terminology. That’s why we compiled a list of terms from all across the big data spectrum.”

Why use a Date Dimension Table in a Data Warehouse

“In the Data Mart, or the Data Warehouse world, there is a date dimension table in all schemas if you are using the Kimball Dimensional Modelling method.”

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